Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you to all those who have permitted me to quilt for them this year. It has been a joy to see your many designs and use of color. Some of you have really inspired me and I have purchased some of the patterns you have used. I am excited about putting some of my fabrics in those patterns.

One of my gifts this year, from my husband, is a Wacom Bamboo tablet that will let me practice with design options and see what they will look like on your tops before I actually quilt it. I am very excited to try this out. I may have to wait a bit first, as I only really got a picture of it since it was backordered. Such is life.

I have been blessed with some wonderful gifts this Christmas. My oldest daughter gave me about 30 tulip bulbs that will be remarkable this spring. God gave me a warm morning with rain softened dirt to plant them. I couldn't ask more than that. It is now sprinkling snow and has dropped 10 degrees. I had just enough time to get the bulbs set. My other daughter gave me a wok and I am so excited to try some stir fry, but that, too, will have to wait as we eat up all the leftovers.

Have a blessed Christmas day.

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