Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aching Sides

I spent Friday and Saturday at a mini quilt retreat in Danville, IL. What a nice retreat center and fun time! The center had several design boards, huge cutting mats, large dining room with 2 refrigerators, microwave, toasters, real plates, bowls, and cups. We took turns making the meals and they were all great. Saturday evening, stories were told and I laughed so hard my sides are still aching. I met a couple of new people that I so enjoyed and of course, enjoyed the 7 other folks I already knew.

I finished up 2 small quilts that had been stuffed in their own drawers because of problems I didn't look forward to fixing, but with a room full of encouraging friends and great laughs, I got through them and am really quilt tickled. My Blossom Time has some friendly borders, but after attaching twice, I decided I could "Quilt the waves out!" I could have made 3 quilts with all the thread I used on the Seahorse quilt from ripping after goofing up so many log placements, but it is done and I really like it. It was such a different pattern.

Got the blahs? Find yourself a quilt retreat with a bunch of goofy friends and you'll be back in the swing of things in no time.

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