Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ladies, start your engines!

We held a 1600 race at guild last night and what fun we had! The turnout was wonderful and there were lots of laugh and conversation. I had seen a race posted on youtube and thought, What a great idea to get lots of charity quilts done! We ended up with 19 completed quilts. The winner, one for the fast lane (where the ends were all stitched together before the race started) and one for those starting only with a pile of 40 inch strips. Ruthie and I were both a bit anxious, not knowing if guild members would want to bother to bring a machine and fabric to a meeting and luckily we found that wasn't much of a deterrent.

Our fast track winner, who received a jelly roll prize, was Peggy. I have never seen such organization and preparedness! Her pit crew worked like a well oiled machine and finshed her quilt in 32 minutes. Wow!

Our "start from scratch" winner was Tammy. I ran out of battery so missed the pictures of our winners holding their jelly rolls and wearing their winners' crowns. As soon as my wonderful helper, Ruthie, sends me her pictures, I'll post them.

This is Laurie, speeding along with her beautiful nails, showing you can look classy while working for charity.

Here are a few more closeups showing the variety of quilt tops:

Here is the whole kit and kaboodle. Great job!

Loretta always keeps us in stitches and tonight was no different. She pulled all her strips from fabric she had in her stash that she absolutely hated. Not too bad for an ugly fabric quilt, huh?

Here are a few more finishes:

And here is a little of the work in progress:


  1. Wow...that's amazing! What a great way to complete a bunch of charity quilts!!

  2. Awesome idea, mom! Those look great. What charity are they going to?

  3. Some are going to Quilts of Valor. We will have an executive meeting a little later to decide where the rest will go. Often we send quilts to the women's shelter.

  4. What fun. Maybe we should do that at camp next fall.