Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Guild Challenge

I thrive on challenges and my quilt guild has put forth a good one. At our Christmas party the leader passed around a dish of candy and asked us all to take one. Well, Milk Duds, being one of my very favorite candies, was the one I chose. It wasn't until we all had our candy did we find out that it was a challenge and that we had to make a quilt inspired by our candy. What!!! Of all things, my milk dud box was that yucky gold/yellow I despise, along with bland brown and a tad of white. Ok, now, how can I make a quilt that is beautiful from my choices. I decided batiks was the were the way to go because their browns are usually so rich. I was amazed at the number of brown batiks I had in my stash. Then I added some gold and a tad of white and I guess I'm pretty pleased at the overall combination. All the textures play nicely and I even kind of like some of the gold. I'm thinking of a quilt made of circle shapes and quilted with large pebbles, the shape of milk duds. Now I'm chomping at the bit since I have the fabrics and pattern picked. Below are the fabrics, and yes, they were ALL in my stash.

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