Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Gift of Snow

I know most people are bummed by the current snow storm, but I'm in heaven. It was a bit scary last night in the midst of it when we didn't outrun it on the way home from moving my daughter. It was more than a couple of hours in almost complete whiteout and several inches of snow. We did make it, though, passing a few cars getting help getting out of the ditches. Once home, though, I just felt giggly. I love this stuff and we got around 10 inches of it last night. I got up before the crack of dawn to start another batch of snow dyeing. This time I tried fuscia with yellow and another batch of blue/green. I can't wait to see what I get. I hope to get another batch started this evening. It is so sad that I only have 2 screens and tubs so I can only do 2 dyes at once. If the first 2 do well, I'll put those colors on a couple of t-shirts and a dress. Since we have so much snow, I hope to do yet another batch in the morning.

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