Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meet Moses

Meet Moses, a very lucky kitten. I was driving into town for my workout at the gym, when I saw what I thought was a squirrel in the middle of a 4 lane highway, but when I got closer, it was a little lost kitten. There was no momma or any siblings, just Moses in the middle of the road. So, being the softy I am, I pulled over, flagged down the traffic to stop him from being hit, and picked the little bugger up out of harm's way. I got back into the car and finished driving to the gym. He settled in easily as he crawled up behind my neck and promptly fell asleep. I took him into the gym where the workers found me a box with lid that had had computer paper in it and was labeled "multipurpose". Well, they weren't kidding this day. He sat quietly in the box, not scratching to get out or meowing while I took my class. What does one do with a little black kitten when you have a big male cat at home who isn't likely to be too pleased with him? I called my mom, who lost her cat pal of 15 years last month and has been grieving his loss, who said she'd watch him for a few days while I looked for a home, strongly proclaiming she did not want another cat to care for.

It wasn't but a few short hours before Moses had his name, was purring so loud you could hardly talk, and batting around a label on the blanket in his box. After quite awhile of snuggling and laughing, I left for home. I called my mom later in the day and she told me what a bad girl I was, making her watch Moses, because now she was totally enthralled with him. He was tearing through the house and being an ornery pest, but loved wearing himself out and crawling into her lap to take naps. He hardly leaves her side. So, here we are, two days later, and my mom is telling me I'd better not be caught stealing him. God works in mysterious ways.

Moses is the most unusually colored kitten. He is black striped, that is, if you look closely, he has dark and light black stripes on the legs, and then his back is tipped in gray, so that he looks dusty. I have never seen such a strange coloring.

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  1. what a little cutie! Kudos to you for saving him and for thinking of your mother to look after him - looks to me like everyone is lucky!