Friday, October 23, 2009

Quilting with Machines

I just got back for near Cleveland, Ohio, where I took a couple of quilting classes. I learned some new feather ideas for borders and can't wait to try them out on the next customer that says, "You decide what to quilt."

Whew, I'm tired. It was 6 hours there, I took a class, ate dinner, went to bed, got up at 6:00, dressed, ate, took a class, then started the 6 hour drive home. Lane and I got sidetracked after about 3 hours of driving by an antique mall. We just can't pass those places up. I only bought 2 cups with saucers to go with my collection of cups and saucers. These were Fireking Jadite. I have several depression cups, a willow ware cup from my Grandma, a cup and saucer from my great aunt, and a few odd cups that I don't know the history. I'm collecting so when I die my girls will have plenty to sell off at my auction. lol I'm exhausted, Night all.

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