Monday, April 26, 2010

Beauty in times of saddness

I am so thankful for the wonderful gift of flowers and spring. My dad has just recently been diagnosed with bone cancer and I am having a very difficult time dealing with it. He has always been such an outdoor guy and very active. I am not focusing well on my quilting work and I apologize for being delayed in finishing some of my sweet customers' quilts. Please be patient with me again. When a sad moment hits me, I take a walk around my yard and smell the flowers. Here are just some of what helps lift my spirits.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this news...I know how you feel. We dealt with 2 very rough years when my mother had ovarian cancer. She lost he battle a year ago January. Ir is a hard time. You and your father are in my prayers.

  2. O dear, dear Viki- there is no way to deal with this other than with difficulty and profound sorrow, I feel with you and just want you to remember that we will carry you, your father and your family before God in prayer. We can not carry your sorrow for you, but Jesus will carry you in and through it.We know, Stig's father died of cancer and my father was seriously ill before he recovered.Take heart!

  3. Those flowers are beautiful and so glad they bring you a spiritual lift. Know God is with you and family and all are in my prayers and thoughts.

  4. I was so sad to hear the news on the way down to Champaigne. I missed seeing you. My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. I will be holding you and your father up in my prayers. The beautiful flowers are symbols of God's love. May they bring you peace and calm during these troubling times.

  6. Sorry to hear your sad news Viki, I really do know how you feel!

    Keep your spirits up!

    Best Wishes
    from your other
    Kay in Scotland