Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Retreat

I spent Friday and Saturday piecing with 7 other friends at a quilt shop in Danville. It had been March since I last had time to piece and truely enjoyed getting back to stitching. We had tons of laughs, delicious food, and a touching moment as we sang Happy Birthday to Cheryl's dad, a WWII vet. We even managed to get some work completed or at least started. Here is a picture of a couple of projects I started. The Snowflower quilt is a pattern I bought on a trip to Nevada 3 years ago. The light green fabric in the leaves was 6 years old, the background was from a 25% off sale where I bought the rest of the bolt because it was one of those designs I felt I could use eventually even though I didn't have a project in mind.

The Sherman's March pattern I bought in Paducah 2 years ago. I saw it in a display and knew it was the perfect pattern for the border fabric I found many years before that I had no plan for but loved. Great weekend! I'll continue the piecing in September at another retreat.

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