Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I spent yesterday morning "squishing" persimmons. I absolutely love persimmon pudding and now we can have it for Thanksgiving. I have been checking them for about 3 weeks now. They were still too hard after the first freeze and even the next week, but finally they got soft. I had about twice as much seed and skin gunk as pulp. The struggle to get enough pulp must be what makes the pudding so desired. I ended up freezing about 7 pints.


  1. I had no idea what persimmons looked like! Never tasted one either. The color is beautiful!

  2. Would love the recipe...but would have to find persimmons?????

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. We ate them as kids, had them near my grandparents farm but I can't recall anyone ever cooking with them. Pudding sounds yummy! I'm guessing you could make pound cakes from them also, or quick breads - like zuchini bread?

  4. Have never had persimmons. What a lot of work. Maybe persimmon pudding at camp next year.