Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on my Block of the Month

I am trying hard to get this quilt pieced so I can get it quilted and entered in the Machine Quilter's Showcase in Kansas City. The category is Non-Traditional Block of the Month. As you can see, I have the center done. I have 4 pieced blocks done that go in the corners and have 4 of the last 8 cut that go next to corner blocks. Then I'll need to make 4 strips of Migrating Geese followed by a pieced border. I have to have it quilted and mailed by March 15. Think I'll make it?


  1. good luck! I am sure you will do it- no matter what it will be beautiful! I have not seen this way of squaring the starblocks before, is it a well known pattern or did you design it?

  2. You do the most amazing and unique quilts...I love it! And I'm betting you have it completed and entered for the show too!