Sunday, April 24, 2011

Halleluia! Jesus Christ has risen!

What a wonderful morning to wake! After a sweet walk in my flowers, I am looking forward to a celebration of the life of my Jesus. To some, he is an interesting character from history. To me, he is my personal savior, forgiver, comforter, encourager, my example, my joy. I can hardly wait to arrive at church today to sing praise and thanksgiving to the one who gave me breath and countless other children, sweet husband, a close extended family, a home, a job I love, so much food I have to watch what I eat. I adore my son-in-law and even his mother, who is a good friend now. My other daughter is dating a kind and gentle man who also loves the Lord. I am indeed blessed this special morning. Happy Easter!

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  1. Amen! Praise His Holy Name, that He came to earth for the express purpose of dying for those He loves. Better yet, He didn't stay in the grave, but rose today and defeated the enemy death for us.