Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tendonitis Cramping My Style

I am continuing to deal with painful tendonitis and I am only getting 2 to 3 quilts done per week instead of the usual five or more. I have been a good girl and icing my shoulder and arm but I don't see any difference. I continue to be awakened at night with the pain so have a tendency to sleep later in the morning so I don't get started quilting until later than usual. Be patient with me if you are waiting on your quilt. I am continuing, just not at the breakneck speed I usually go. Quilt of the week will probably be delayed until next week while I try to catch up on things.

I did take a great picture of my cat on his tiptoes drinking from the bird bath that was so funny that I thought I would post until I realized I had not put the SD card back in the camera.


  1. I hope you are better soon. I had it in my finger and it took MONTHS to get rid of. I can't have steroids or any other drugs so I had to just do ice.

  2. I had it in my thighs, have it again in the same place, THEN I went to physical therapy and did everything the dr. said but it did not get better until I went to a Chiropracter for 6 weeks. I'm about ready to go again....I just hate to take the time.