Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Case of the Sad Blue Melvins

Now I'm not sure who came up with the phrase Sad Blue Melvins, but I first heard it when in college and I've been using it since then. The Melvins are those times when you just feel down, you know, when you're down and can't get up. Well, today I'm missing my girls and my SIL and I started feeling the Melvins coming on strong. The best cure for them is to focus on others instead of one's self. Recently, in my guild, it was brought to attention that the hospital has been receiving many NICU quilts for those sick little babies, but there seemed to be a shortage of boy baby quilts. Everyone loves to make those sweet little girl quilts, but baby boys get sick, too. So, to wash away the Melvins, and I must say it worked like a charm, I made a couple of quilts that could go to baby boys.

I'm planning on quilting puppy paws on the dog quilt and horseshoes on the horse quilt. It was quite a bit of fun making quilts from left over fabric from pajamas I made for Christmas and leftovers from a wallet for a dog lover.


  1. I've never heard that phrase but I hope you don't get the Melvins again!

  2. Oh how sweet. I always try and make a boy quilt when I do a girl one. I knew the boys are always short.

  3. Melvin Be Gone! What a great way to redirect feelings. Will need to remember this one.