Friday, June 24, 2011

Glamour of the 40's

Take a look at some wonderful photos of my daughter, Olivia, taken by my daughter, Margot. I just love them. Olivia is wearing her hair in the Victory Roll style.

The fighter planes of the WWII era, created an exhaust roll, that remained after the plane left the area, and this roll of dust and exhaust, was the origin of the hairstyle known as the Victory Roll. The loose curls that accompany the rolls, only are reflective of the era, where a straight hair style was not the goal, and a lady always curled her hair, with loose and flowing curls. The war effort was committed to the resources that were available at the time, and all bobby pins were difficult to find, so undeterred, women used pipe cleaners to achieve the look when bobby pins were not found.

A hairstyle to reflect the patriotism of the home front, and the ladies who waited patiently for their return, is the victory roll. It is no wonder that it is becoming popular once again, as our country sends so many to the battle lines, and we wait patiently for our honored soldiers to return to us.

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