Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winery and a Palace

Talk about feeling like a princess! My husband took me to Southern Indiana this weekend for a belated anniversary - Can you believe 38 years? First we visited Oliver winery where we took a tour, walked around the beautifully landscaped grounds and pond, and ate French bread with a tomato basil cheese and drank samples of wine.

Next, we drove to West Baden where the most beautiful hotel exists. It was built very early in the 1900's and was at one time a worldwide attraction until the depression where it fell into ruins. A few years ago $500,000,000 was invested in it for restoration. Wow! Every detail is amazing, from the tiny tiles to the door handles. I felt like a princess. There were two pools, one inside, one outside. It was raining Sunday evening but we couldn't resist swimming at night in the rain. The rain was pretty chilly, though, and we finally went inside to swim there, following it with a soak in the hot tub. Here are just a few pictures, some from our room four floors up from our balcony.


  1. I've always meant to go to West Baden, but didn't get there before I moved. Your photos make me wanna...maybe next trip back east.

  2. How fun that was! I loved that picture the winery wall! And that hotel is beautiful!