Sunday, October 23, 2011

Test Completed - verdict is in

I tried the method in the video below for making a nine-patch. Yes, it does work and yes, it is pretty accurate. The problem is you can't just make any nine-patch. I thought this would be great for quickly using up all those nickels. Nope! To use a nickel you must make 1.66 inch cuts and they don't put those markings on our rulers. Most sizes are not easily divided by 3. So, if you don't care much about the size of your nine-patches, you might like this method. Personally, I don't have much use for the sizes you can easily make. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.


  1. How funny you are!! Now what i really want to know is how you quilted Joy's shadowed boxes... It looks really neat!

  2. Do you know the method of dividing odd-sized pieces easily? Place a ruler at an angle (from one side to another, but not straight across) so that it comes up at with "good" total measurement that (in this case) can be divided by 3 -- for instance, 7-1/2" divides into 2-1/2" segments, so you could angle your ruler such that "zero" is on one side of your piece, and "7-1/2" meets the other edge. Make a mark on your fabric at each of the "good" measurement segments (2-1/2" in this case) and cut at the marks.