Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quilt of the week - Rossville Quilt Shop

Here is the newest sample for Rossville Quilts. This is the ever popular 10 minute block. There are half a dozen youtube's on how to make it and a couple of books. Most of the 10 minute block quilts turn the edges of the center block back to give it a curved look, but Marcia decided to just leave her's square. It is a bit of a challenge to quilt because you have to hold the 3D part down and quilt the design at the same time. Each block is 21 inches! This 6 block quilt is 50 x 72 inches.


  1. I love the straight lines. I always love grids and lines like that!

  2. I love how you quilted this quilt!! That was a great way to break down those huge blocks! I always enjoy seeing what your working on.