Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pass the Zanax!

This one takes the cake. It is for the local quilt shop. We trade quilting for a discount, advertising, and just a great friendship. (Not sure how long the friendship will last with stuff like this!) This quilt has "curtains" sewn into it. The top of the curtain in sewn in as the top border was attached to the body, complete with a flange. The curtain tieback is sewn into the side border as it connects to the body. Now, just how am I supposed to quilt under all that curtain and evenly roll up on my LA??? Once I finally figure that out, I have to quilt around applique and all kinds of embroidery. AND it has to be perfect as it will be in the shop for months as well as her website.

1 comment:

  1. What an extraordinary "feature" (and not in a good way). I don't envy you, looks like the blocks will be fiddly as well. That's the type of quilt that makes me revert to a rebellious, naughty 13 yr old who doesn't want to do their homework!! Goodluck.