Monday, December 19, 2011

A Few Small Gifts

I needed a few small projects this week. Our guild is having a hotpad exchange at our Christmas party and I needed a birthday gift that I wanted to be homemade. I have been making the blocks for a quilt and I loved the pattern but it was way too big, so I cut the block down about half and then it was too small so I added a little border. For the first time, I put the binding on with my long-arm machine. I worked great until I trimmed it with the rotary cutter and got too close to the corner. I ended up having to take the nicked binding off and doing it the old fashioned way. So much for saving time.


  1. Love that pattern. What is it? Those are beautiful.

  2. The block pattern is from Scrap-basket Sensations. I changed the sizes to 1, 2, and 3 inches so it came out about 1/2 sized, which was too small, so I added the red border and that made it about right. I love that book! I've made 2 quilts from it already and have 3 more bookmarked and cut out. I'll be working on those at Miss Mary's. Hope you can come.

  3. Hey Viki, you'll only do that corner trick once....ask me how I know?

    Merry Christmas my Friend to You and Yours from Me and Mine!