Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The most wonderful gifts!

After a non-traditional Christmas dinner of maple glazed salmon grilled outside and stir-fried asparagus, broccoli, peppers, and onions, I received the most wonderful gifts.

I was so surprised and delighted to receive Conversational French CD's from Margot. I have often said I would love to learn another language. I love being able to speak Spanish and get to use it often. I watch foreign films a bunch and they are much more enjoyable when I can understand some of the language, not just read the subtitles.

Olivia's gift brought tears to my eyes when I opened it. She had cross stitched this beautiful sampler with a gazillion beads. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get it to town and get it in line to be blocked and framed.

Lane got me these great long-arm rulers and I can hardly wait to use them. They are for making multiple equally spaced lines quickly. They are from www.quiltersgroove.com. There always seems to be some new gadget I need to try.

Then, to top off the holiday, I woke up to gorgeous snow! I so missed snow on Christmas after such a beautiful display last year. The flakes are huge and I can't keep from just staring out the window. It's pretty wet so I don't know if we'll get to sled in it. Thank you, God, for so richly blessing me with plenty of food, a close family, a warm home, a glorious snowfall, and a ton of sweet friends. I hope you all had a special Christmas.

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  1. can you save some of that snow for Miss Mary's. It is usually the only snow I get. Beautiful beaded piece.