Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quilt of the Week - Emma's Caterpillar

This is a quilt of "New Experiences". Emma is the granddaughter of a friend and customer of mine. She made this quilt for her teacher and she requested numbers for the quilting. I searched all over for a good numbers pattern and finally found this one. Most patterns have loops or meanders between numbers and I've never like them, but this one took my fancy.

Another new thing is the thread. You probably can't see so much in the picture but I tried a new-to-me thread that I got on a quilt retreat last fall called Glide. I had forgotten about it and found it while looking for something else this week and tried it on this quilt. It had a lovely sheen and never broke once or shredded at all. I didn't need to mess with the tension either. I think I might be getting more of this thread if I can find it in the colors I like.

Great job, Emma!

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  1. I hope you *were* able to get more Glide thread. I absolutely love Fil-Tec threads; in fact, I just placed an order yesterday. (You can find them on-line at have all kinds of things you might like.)