Monday, April 16, 2012

Cincinnati Quilt Show

I took in the Cincinnati Quilt Show on Saturday and was pretty conservative in my purchases. There were many tempting items but I managed to walk away with 2 refills for my chalk markers, a few silver FQ to use in my guild quilt challenge, a Tutto sewing machine carrier (I had been looking at these for a few years) and a receipt for $3l.47 that I have no merchandise for, nor do I remember buying anything else. I had a list and stuck to it and have not a clue what that receipt is. I emailed the vendor with the total cost, batch number, item number and a gazillion other numbers and asked if she could tell me what I bought and she said No. I also asked what she sold in that booth to see if my mind could be jogged and she didn't say. Oh, so helpful!

So here are some pics of the incredible Tutto tote. It has many pockets, both on the inside and the outside. The machine can go in either from the top or sides, it folds to 3 inches so easy to store in the closet, and turns on a dime without tipping, can be pushed or pulled, the handle is removable and stores in one of the pockets, you can sit on it as a seat, and it fits in the overhead compartment of a plane. I love this thing.

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  1. Love the Tutto, have one that is designed as a pet carrier that is just awesome. Enjoy!