Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nightmares in Kansas City!

FIASCO AT THE RENTAL CAR AGENCY What a nightmare my trip to Machine Quilter's Showcase was this year! It all started in the airport at the rental car agency. I felt like Tom Hanks in Terminal. I went to pick up my rental car and when they swiped my credit card, it was denied. What? I just used it that morning and I pay it off every month. I asked if they would take cash - NO! What? I asked if I could give them my debit card number and use that - NO! I called the number on the back of the credit card and they looked up the transaction and said the company keyed in the wrong expiration date. Tell them to key it again and it should work fine. I asked the company to key it in and they said - NO! They couldn't do it again for 24 hours. What? I went to another company and all they had was a 15 passenger van. Finally, I found a company (Thrifty) who were just dears. They gave me the same rate, keyed in the credit card number and I'm on my way, a little over an hour later. RETURN TRIP FIASCO While retuning the car, I filled my arms with luggage and dropped my car keys in the trunk, down in the wheel well. About a 1/2 hour later, the keys were retrieved and I was on my way to Southwest Airlines to come home. Now, let me ask you, do I look like a terrorist? Well I must to the security folks at Kansas City Internation Airport. Mind you, I was running a bit late, so imagine how I felt when I was pulled aside. I was chewed up and spit out for leaving my clear plastic baggie with my shampoo in it in the suitcase and not outside. I had to send everything back through the scanner, then wait for the other people to get through the line, then wait while they took my whole luggage and clothes, computer and bag all apart and examined each piece. Meanwhile I hear my name announced over the intercom calling for Viki Kirby. The plane was ready for takeoff. I tried to tell the Nazi's that was me they were calling for, could they hurry. NO! I asked of the plane would leave without me, even though I was there. The answer - Yeah, it might. I then begged them to send someone to Southwest and let them know I was there and finally they consented to that. Then I hear, Last call for Viki Kirby, plane will be leaving! Finally, they said I was clear and I ran at top speed to Southwest, where the attendant saw me and yelled out my name. I screamed YES! Hurry, this way, he said. At least someone seemed to be on my side. MQS next year? Not on your life. I'm staying home!

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  1. Oh Viki what a trip. I felt your anxiety as I was reading your post. So sorry. How was the show? I'm sure you are happy to be home. Blessings, Marilyn