Thursday, June 21, 2012

Off in Another Direction

Anyone who knows me even a tiny bit, knows I have trouble focusing on one project for very long and I am easily inspired. Last night our guild had Pat Knoechel as a speaker and she demonstrated a braid quilt. She had several samples and that started the "Oh, I've gotta give that a try! button. So, after a fast banana for breakfast, I was up sorting through my stash. Now I really have to finish up a quilt for a customer, so I will struggle hard to complete it this afternoon, then I'm off and running on a braid quilt. Here are my fabric choices. The sunflowers will be the outer border and the ferns will be the border next to that and the sashings dividing the braids. The six other colors will alternate in the braid piecing. Oooh, I just can hardly wait! You say, "What about the lily quilt?" Oh, I can work on that next week. And the binding on the green and silver quilt? Well, I have 2 sides done and it really isn't due till August. And what about the 6 separate drawers with partially completed quilt tops? I've got a little retreat in July so maybe I'll work on those then. And the 3 tops I already have done but need quilting? Maybe I should put those on my customer list so they will get quilted.

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  1. We all start to many projects. I love the fabrics you have picked. It sound to me that you do not have too many yet. I have 5 ready to quilt, but I have customers to do first. Then three with all blocks done but not together, One needs one more boarder and backing then can be added to the other 5 to be quilted. Then some more 25 to 35 more projects on the go or not.