Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's the deal?

Can anyone tell me why blogger posts some of my text and then posts my pics, then in some random place posts the rest of my text? I've tried doing it a couple of ways and it still breaks up my text.


  1. It may have to do with how you are formatting the lines and spacing your text and photos. (And it could be Blogger just being in one of its cranky moods.)
    What I do that has worked so far is type a line of text and then upload my photos and place them into the post.
    Also it could be the browser you are using--and they can look different in another browser once posted.

  2. I type all my text and then add an extra return where I want my photo, then upload that photo. Then i go to the next place that I want to put a photo and repeat.

  3. I have been having problem with blogger and photo's for that last 7 days. I actually gave up and my post tomorrow will be without the photo's

    Glad to know it isn't just me being technology challenged.

    Have a good day!