Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lemoyne Ruler Trial

I'm always willing to give a new specialty ruler a try. Some I find are pretty lame and others I find are remarkable. The Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler by Deb Tucker is one of the remarkable ones. This star is actually stripped pieced and all the points match beautifully because all the seams nest. Rapid fire is a good description because you can get 2 3/4 blocks from each strip set. The first one takes a bit to make because the instructions are so detailed and I watched her video on youtube as I went. I will be able to zip through the next ones, though. The ruler has markings for 3 inch blocks through 12 inch blocks and she has included a pattern in the instructions using all the sizes for one quilt. She also has other patterns on her site and it would be very easy to design your own. I highly recommend this ruler!

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