Monday, September 10, 2012

Productive Camp

I just got back from a wonderful quilt camp experience. What a delight visiting with old friends and meeting a few new ones. I got about 4 hours of sleep each night and had a ton of food to eat. I am very pleased I was able to control my "eat till I drop" tendency and didn't gain a pound. Thank you God for giving me the strength to pass on the pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, second helping of broccoli soup and stick to juice and fruit for breakfast. I laughed till I cried and I had no phone reception so could not be interrupted by calls. What a delighful weekend!
I got one quilt completely pieced, which is good because the wedding is Sept. 29 and it still needs quilting and binding. This one was totally out of my box. Not only is it modern but also black and white, not a trace of color, and anyone knowing me at all knows color is my middle name.
The 2nd top is all done except for the borders, so I'm pretty excited about that, too. We are having Lerlene Neraril come to out guild in the spring next year and I wanted a couple of quilts from her books to use as promotions for her talk and workshops.


  1. You did good kiddo. It was a fun camp. Got to get that Midnight quilts book. Love that. Can you pick my fabrics for me????? I'm back in Texas but not home yet. Will be tomorrow and so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Hopefully will see ya in January.

  2. I still love that quilt you worked on from Midnight quilts. It is beautiful. And how different that black and white one looks in the picture rather than straight on.