Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Steal from "the other side of the tracks"

I can hardly believe this beauty is mine. I found a ratty old used furniture store down by the railroad tracks and saw this machine for $100 and my heart skipped a beat. I called the owner over to ask him a few questions and he immediately said, "I'll sell that to you for $50. Oh my gosh! I would have gladly paid $100! It is a 1916 Singer treadle machine and is in immaculate condition, sews beautifully. Not only that, it has a beautiful oak cabinet with 6 carved drawers and absolutely no rust. The face plate is beautiful scroll work. I took it to my friend's husband, who is a machine repair man and he was amazed at it's condition and beauty. There is a small water ring on the top of the cabinet, which he says he'll easily sand out. He has stain the exact color and will make it look like new. I am soooo excited! Dan took this picture and sent it to me when he took it out of the cabinet to add a new belt and clean some of the old dust off since I was so excited that I forgot to take pics. When I get it back, I'll post pics of the cabinet.


  1. Your new Singer 66 will be great for piecing and other kinds of sewing.
    Given that around 1.5 million were manufactured most years, the dealer's price was probably right.
    I am soooooo looking forward to seeing the cabinet. (And if the irons are properly lubricated, you will love how easily and quietly it sews.)

  2. Oh, Viki, it's a beauty. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Blessings.

  3. What a find! It is gorgeous! What a beauty!