Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quilt Retreat

Thursday I'm heading off to a bed and breakfast place with several friends where we will quilt through Saturday. I have so many unfinished projects, I decided I'd not start something new but finish up as many of these quilts as I can. One just needs borders, one I stared years ago and love but just can't stick with it to finish, a few that are cut out but not pieced at all, one is a mystery quilt and I need to do the first clue, and one is a Block of the Week where I'm 2 weeks behind. Do you think I'll have enough to do?


  1. Have a great time, Viki, how fun. I think you have enough to keep you busy. I still can't post pictures w/o paying Google first. I've been busy with quilting and family duties that I haven't figured out how to proceed. I' m supposed to meet with some other Statler owners so I will ask the group what they do

  2. It sounds like you have really enjoyed your time at the bed and breakfast but after reading several posts, I couldn't figure out where it is. Is it Auburn Washington? That's my guess because it is the only Auburn I know of. :)