Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's a Dud!

I finished piecing my guild challenge quilt, It's a Dud. At the December Christmas party, we all drew out a piece of candy from a dish. Who knew that piece of candy would be a quilt challenge? Once the candy was picked, we were told to create a quilt inspired by that candy. Because one of my favorite candies is Milk Duds, I immediately picked that candy. Wow, what a tough challenge to come up with a quilt using that for inspiration! Well, here it is...colors inspired by the orange of the Milk Dud lettering and browns from the caramel and chocolate of the duds themselves. The circle shapes were inspired by the round duds and the partial circles were inspired by the duds in the box piled on top of each other so not the whole dud was seen. I did notice that the bottom middle of the last row needs to have the 2 center blocks redone because of the colors being reversed. I have the blocks done, just need to remove the ones in the quilt and replace them with the right color combination. Now I have to decide how to quilt it.


  1. My first reaction to the heading and photo was "What's wrong with it?" What a fun challenge! And I like your "dud."