Thursday, July 25, 2013

NICU Quilts

My guild has members make little quilts for the sick babies in the NICU at the local hospitals. They give hundreds away each year. I have made several but never quite got around to getting them quilted. Sunday is a day I do not quilt for others and I was feeling a bit low after having spent Saturday at my aunt and uncle's estate auction. I have so many memories of them. Anyway, to cheer myself up, I decided to take the time and get those little quilts closer to being able to deliver them. Scraps from a pair of horse pj's for my daughter for Christmas helped make the quilt with horses and quilted with horseshoes. The dog one came from leftovers from a Christmas wallet for a friend who loves dogs. I quilted 2 of them with numbers because the borders had numbers in them. The tulip one was a few blocks from a quilt I started years ago and no longer like the colors. I can still make several more with those unused blocks. Well, I felt much better after getting all these done. Now to find time to bind.


  1. Now there is a project I miss. (We have plenty of other charity projects here in Portland, but not the little NICU quilts). And my mantra for the colors out of my current favor is this: the kids don't care. I also use it when I am practicing quilting. :-) You have a nice batch here; way to go!

  2. You are doing good, kiddo. I have two projects to do for elderly friends. One is to finish a top her mother started (and ran out of fabric) back in the 40's and another is for a neighbor who had a quilt top (ugliest thing I have ever seen) and she wanted it quilted. It was made back in the 60's and it even has weaved upholstery fabric in it. How do I get myself into these things.