Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1 is Mystery Quilt Clue Reveal

I am always very excited for the 1st of the month so I can see my new mystery clue from Judy Laquidara and Vicki Walsh. In July, the clue was to make 24 of these Log Cabin blocks, which I loved making. The new clue for August reveals we must once again make Square in a square in a square. I think these two women are trying to drive me insane. At least this time there are only 12 and I am hoping I can find a pattern to make these 6 inch blocks from paper piecing. In spite of the square in a square blocks, I am still absolutely loving this quilt. In fact, I miscut a wool batting for a customer quilt yesterday but will be able to use it for this quilt. I'm already designing the quilting.

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