Friday, August 30, 2013

Sea Otter

One of the delights I saw when in Alaska was the sea otter. I found a pattern of one using fusible appliqué and finally got it together late last night. What a chore! There were pieces the size of a clipped fingernail and all those points were hardly a joy to cut out. It was also very difficult to place the pieces because the pattern had large outline lines that often crossed over each other so I couldn't tell where the pieces stopped and started. But, now it's done and waiting for the quilting. I will stitch the pieces down freehand as I quilt. I've never done this before but have been told it works well. I guess we'll see. I'm trying to be optimistic. This quilt brings back so many lovely memories. Next in line will be the pattern I got for Puffins.


  1. Cute! all those little itty-bitty finicky pieces were worth it - he's such a wonderful character!

  2. Looks downright cuddly. I don't envy you the tiny pointy pieces though.

  3. This s beautiful! What a great memory quilt.