Monday, November 25, 2013

A New Beginning

Lots of cold evenings have settled in Indiana and I have found it is a joy to snuggle under a quilt and knit. I did my first sweater starting in October and just finished it up. I learned so much, like how to unknit. I learned that just because one knits the gauge perfectly, a sweater can still end up too big. I am going to my last sweater knitting class tomorrow night and I hope my instructor can give me some ideas on how to unravel the sleeves on my first sweater and make them narrower. I could put a cat up those sleeves and still have room but I don't want to waste the yarn and can hopefully fix it. This is a much simpler sweater than the first one I did and it is going much faster. I love the hand painted yarn and am anxious to see if this one will fit better.

I hope to finish up customer quilts for the year this week and then you'll be seeing several more quilts as I quilt about 10 in the month of December just for me. I've had some of these quilts pieced for months, a few for a couple of years.

I'm making a raspberry torte, sourdough French bread, and cranberry relish for my part of Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's. I can hardly wait to get together, eat fine foods, play games and thank my God for all his daily gifts. Have a very joyful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sorry to post here, but I can't see an email for you to respond to. The recipe for my raspberry filling is: 3# raspberries, 2 Tb. frutex or other thinkener, 2 cups sugar. Cook until hot and sugar is melted. Raspberries will break down some as the cook. Enjoy!