Friday, December 27, 2013

What We Did after Presents and Food

Spent Christmas evening playing an outdated game bought in the 80's and for the kids…Outburst Jr. What a hoot! I haven't laughed that hard or that much for a long time. One of the protests was "How am I supposed to know what kids watched in the 80's when we didn't watch TV?" John even started recording the answers on the iPhone to keep us on the straight and narrow when the all too often yell was "I SAID that!" Too often the phone said "Not so!"

What do you say when you are supposed to name DUCKS? Wood ducks and Merganzers or Daffy and Daisy? And when was the last time you could remember the names of 10 characters in Pinocchio? What kinds of things would a kid put money into? And what did kids in the 80's do after school?

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