Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1st Block of the Alaskan Quilt

Obviously, from all the posts of Alaska, this past summer's trip was one I'll never forget and hold dear to my heart. I picked up a pattern there called Northern Wilderness that is several blocks with scenes of Alaska appliquéd over them. Some examples are are a Bear Paw block with a bear appliquéd, a Storm at Sea block with an Orca appliquéd, and a Delectable Mountain block with mountains appliquéd. The border is comprised of Delectable Mountains blocks. Here is my 1st block. It still needs satin stitched around the native and kayak, but it tickles me to have begun. I can work on this all year while trying to save up for another trip.

1 comment:

  1. This is going to be an absolutely beautiful quilt with lots of memories attached. I have a stash of fabric, kits and quilt patterns from my 2012 trip to Alaska but not this quilt. When I need to stroll down memory lane I dig in that stash and make a project from there. Great winter weather therapy.