Friday, February 7, 2014

Ahhhh, winter!

Though most Hoosiers would rather hang me than look at me for my thoughts on winter, I still love it. This has been the best winter ever for me. Everything has been beautifully white almost the whole season. Though some things are more difficult, like carrying in wood for the wood stove and sweeping up all the wood chips that fell off every day and having to park my car at the top of the hill and hiking up to it when I want to go to town, I still love it. Everything looks so clean and the air is crisp, sometimes with little sparkles floating in it. I love to snow dye and get so excited when I see how the dye comes out on the fabric. I tried ice this summer and it is just not the same. And then there is the sledding. I keep a sled up by my car and load my groceries in it and sled down to the house. It is invigorating and I love it! Then I can warm up in front of the wood stove and there is no warmer and comforting heat. Almost everyone in Indiana is pleading for spring, but not me. Thanks, Mr. Groundhog for predicting more winter!

Here is a pic of my sled trail from my car.

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  1. sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Sledding down to the house is a wonderful idea - saves carrying those bags, and puts a whole lot of fun into the day!