Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Just Can't Resist a Challenge

I was reading one of my favorite blogs last week and discovered a yarn shop called The Loopy Ewe. I saw they had a challenge called Camp Loopy and oh, how I love a challenge! There is just something inside me that sparks when faced with a challenge and since I am almost done with my sweater (only one cuff to go) I was ready for some inspiration. The challenge is to do 3 projects in 3 months. The first one is to knit a project inspired by a favorite movie, TV show, or book. Soooo, I'm making a shawl out of this organic neutral merino/alpaca yarn inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, Belizaire the Cajun. Alida is often see wearing a simple natural wrap in the movie, so I'm chomping at the bit to knit one. I'm still trying to decide what pattern to use and may just have to watch this movie one more time.

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