Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's MadMay

May 1 was the beginning of MadMay Madelinetosh challenge. I joined the group to make a sweater in the month of May. So the sweater is cast on and I've begun. I'm not making progress very quickly because of that simple pattern down the front. I always seem to be a stitch off or I start on the wrong row of the pattern after I lay it down and then pick it up again. The problem is not messing up the knitting pattern, but unknitting a few stitches with the design. I can unknit stockinette or garter stitches easily but I get so confused if I unknit the pattern stitches. I always get the yarn turned or drop part of the stitch. Hopefully, I'll get the hang of this soon because the pattern runs down the entire front of the sweater and I can't keep running to the knit shop asking for help bailing me out, especially when the shop is a half hour from home.

asking for help bailing me out, especially when the shop is a half hour from home.


  1. If you're knitting along a row you've just taken out and the stitch is turned, just knit the "other" leg. Ie, if it's a knit stitch knit in the back instead of the front. Or, a purl, purl in the back leg instead of the front. Just make sure your right hand needle is in the normal position.

    Also, place a stitch marker at the beginning and end of your pattern so you know immediately when to start/end it. Those little stitch counters can help, too. You could even use the "needle" kind as one of your markers. Your knit shop should carry both.

    Like everything else - practice, practice. And, maybe a little wine...

    Your blog's so much fun to follow and your quilting is outta this world! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Maggie in Arizona

  2. I'll help you in the shop's off hours, Viki . . . though I suspect I am about 35 minutes from your house!