Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing marathon

I've been running my sewing machine on high for the last couple of days. I've made 5 pj pants and 10 wallets. I've still got 2 more wallets to make. I have made the girls pjs since they were born for Christmas eve so they could open presents Christmas day in them. One year I bought the pajamas and you could have heard the wailing across the ocean. Olivia is still wearing a pair she got about 10 years ago, so I decided to make her 3 this year so she would toss those rags away. I now do buy the tshirts to go with them because you can't find tshirt knit anymore to make them.


  1. Happy advent Viki, how fun we would have had making pjs and wallets together! I have not made any presents this year- and am waiting for someone to wail!I am also waiting to see Annabels Callenge Quilted- it will be lovely ( as all your work)

  2. Annabel's challenge is about 1/3 done, but it isn't needed for Christmas so I've been doing Christmasy things like making candy, sewing, delivering food to the mission, shopping for those in need, attending parties. It's a wonderful time of year!

  3. Oh how fun are those PJ bottoms! That is a really cute idea. My kids always got new PJs but they were store bought. Not as fun as those you made! And the wallets are awesome too.