Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a trade!

I have a friend, Linda, who knits the most wonderful socks. I tried knitting socks once and got about 3/4 way through one sock and got bored and never finished. Linda has tons of quilt tops pieced but not quilted, so I asked her if she would consider knitting socks for me if I quilted some of her tops. She accepted the challenge (I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal) and here is my first payment. Aren't they beautiful? I am so excited!


  1. I asked a local lady if she wanted that deal and she never answered me. I really love knitted socks too!

  2. Lucky you! They look so comfy! I have a friend who also has piles of tops-so she is embroidering pillowcases for me to give as Christmas presents in exchange for a custom quilting job!

  3. I hate to argue, but I think I got the best deal. I get to knit the socks, fondling the yarn all the while, and have incredibly beautiful quilting done on my backlog of quilt tops. Biggest problem is choosing one!
    P.S. I inventoried my "socks - some assembly required" supply. If I knit two pairs a month for the next 5 years, I'll use it all up!