Friday, November 13, 2009

He just keeps on giving!

Lane and I went for a hike in Horticulture Park last night at dusk. As we were walking I was just noticing how beautiful the miriad of brown and red leaves on the ground were and took a moment to thank God for the beauty. He said, you think that's cool, look up. The sun just set on the horizon and the sky was a beautiful pink and the trees contrasted so vividly against it. I said, thank you God for that amazing sunset. God then said, since you are thankful, listen to this, and a Great Horned owl started hooting. I was blown away and said, God, this is so cool, thank you. Then God said, since you are enjoying this so much, I'm gonna knock your socks off. As I looked up again, there was the owl, backlit by the rosy sunset and sitting in the stark black tree, hooting. I almost fell to my knees. What a perfect evening gift!

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