Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Fat Storm

Wow, what a storm last night. This broken tree top fell, but was luckily stopped just in time by other tree limbs. Without the other tree stopping the fall, the tree top would have fallen right through my studio and daughter's bedroom. We were very blessed not to have received major damage. Not so lucky, one of our neighbor's two greenhouses was destroyed. I just got a call to come get the tomato plants they were starting for me. They were putting tomatoes and onions and peppers in their house and stacking the 2nd greenhouse to the gills with whatever they could fit. I went ahead and bought a hanging basket for my mom's mother's day and some plants I was planning on putting in front of the house so they would have a little bit more room. I have 2 big windows in a room so hopefully the plants will thrive until another week or so when I can plant them outside. It's a little crowded but we'll make do.

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