Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Present

Last year I got my first pedicure for my birthday and loved it so much that my mom got me another for this year. Her birthday is just a week before mine, so I got a pedicure for her, too. What a fun time we had getting our feet all pretty and pampered! She chose a light lavender polish and I went bold with blue sparkles. We chatted and laughed the whole time. We decided we had so much fun that we were going to do it again as soon as we can find another time we need to celebrate...maybe my daughter's birthday, or maybe when we have a full day without wind or rain. Mom turned 80 today.


  1. Hey.....'MY Mom' turned eighty last Saturday too....That's why I went down to England to visit her even though it's lambing crazy is that....Tell your Mom 'Happy Birthday from Me!!!!!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland (who is English by the way)

  2. Do you know that I had never had one either! I just got my first one from my middle daughter just before I left for Australia! Now I want to do it all the time!