Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It was the best of days, it was the worst of day...actually I didn't see any of the best

Yesterday, I wake up to head to Indianapolis to get one of my girls smashed to follow up on a suspicious lump. (The good news, sort of, is that I need to go back in 6 months and check again) I head out early so I can stop at the post office before I go so I can mail a quilt. Lo and behold I had left my car window down and it has been pouring down rain for 2 days. Today I get to go to the laundromat and wash sleeping bags that were in the car and now smell to high heaven for having sat in water.

I decide I will call my mom on the way home from Indy to ask if she'd like to meet me in Rossvile for lunch. She tells me she needs to go to Frankfort so could I meet her there. That's not too much of a problem, or so I thought. I turn off at Lebanon to take 39 to Frankfort. Part way into the trip I find a Road Closed sign. No detour sign, just road closed. I chose a road to go around the detour, and I'm talking "go around". That road turned and twisted so much that I didn't know where I was. I finally find my way back to 39 and go my merry way, that is until I get almost to Frankfort, where there is yet another Road Closed sign! I drive around the block to find another Road Closed sign. I call my mom and say I can't get to the meeting place. She tries to give me directions, but she goes by sight and not street names so I only got "lost-er". And, besides, she has locked her keys in her car in Rossville. I say, that's ok, I'll drop by her house and get another key. Nothing is quite that easy...she doesn't have another key.

Mom will now spend some time looking for someone to unlock her car in Rossville. Meanwhile, I will go to Rossville to meet her. I call my sister in town and laugh with her about the events and I head out of town to get on 75. Guess what! 75 is not only closed, it is GONE! I call my sister back, almost in hysterics just to get out of the stinkin' town. She talks me through a number of streets and yeah! I'm out of Frankfort. Oh...but you can't take that road to 39 to get to Rossville, because, you guessed it. 39, just outside of Rossville is closed. I finally get to Rossville and meet my mom. The sweet man who shows up to unlock Mom's car has driven all the way from Frankfort. How he got out of town is beyond me! He didn't charge my sweet mom a cent because she had been working at the food pantry. We laugh at the circumstances and head to eat lunch in town. I tell her that next time I ask her out to lunch in Rossville, EAT lunch with me IN ROSSVILLE! Now I go to the quilt shop there in town to pick up a ruler the owner said she had in stock. Yup, it must have sold because it couldn't be found anywhere.

I finally leave Rossville and go to Lafayette, where I will make a quick stop at JoAnn's to pick up 2 books I want and the ruler. Nope, no books, no rulers! I buy a large bag of candy and eat candy all the way home. I have also missed the post office to mail my quilt because it is now closed.

I finally get home to my daughter, whose car is not working. My husband thinks it's a blown head gasket but may be more. Would somebody just shoot me?


  1. Gosh, when it rains it pours...literally. Sounds like you deserved every piece of candy!! Hopefully, there's a rainbow after all the rain. :-)

  2. WoW, you need not only candy, but lots of chocolat to go with the candy. Aren't you glad days like that aren't any longer than 24 hours?

  3. What a waste of time and energy...I could almost hear you ranting in the car while reading your post, although I probably got your accent all always works for me too!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in the Scottish Hills where you can get lost anyday!

  4. GOOD GRIEF! I'm thinkin' an adult beverage is called for!

  5. Oh man! At least you didn't get lost in Indy like Joan and I did before camp!

  6. Frustrating day! I'm curious---why all the road closures? I think this is the day you mailed my quilts. Fortunately they arrived safely but did seem I know why. LOL. Hope future trips are less eventful.