Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few of my favorite things seen at the Indiana State Fair

Oh, the creativity at the state fair! There were the amazing sculptures made from cans of beans and vegetables, a carving of an Indian from a mammoth squash, a formal made from camo satin, cakes that look like a real picnic basket and food and flowers (yes, those flowers are actually icing), a huge Lego Indy 500 complete with real signatures of famous drivers, a wonderful little tiled table and chairs. Photography was out of this world but I was not allowed to take pics of those. Not only were there great hand made things, but we got to see a 68 year old cowboy do a roping demo by twirling 2 lassos at the same time and jumping in and out of them. 15 seconds of that and I'd have dropped dead from exhaustion.

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  1. How could I miss the state fair? Another reason for going back!