Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Husband's Wife and My Father's Daughter

There is rarely a problem my husband cannot fix, but he was not here today when I ran into a problem. As an engineer, everything is fixable and it needs to be right and perfectly. My dad was also a fixer, only with duct tape, and usually only temporary. Today I was asked to quilt MaryAnn's quilt with invisible thread. Threads run on the longarm machine are on cones and are in a crossing wind. The invisible thread is like thread one usually runs on a domestic sewing machine and has a straight wind. A straight wind will not run well in the regular thread holder, but must have a side holder. They are expensive and I rarely need one. Today was the day. My husband's wife side of me went looking for a solution and my daddy's daughter wanted something quick and easy. Of course, Lane was appalled at my shoddy workmanship, but it lasted long enough to get the job done and it was free. (Daddy would be proud). First, I take a meat thermometer from the kitchen drawer. It's a perfect spool holder, right? Then I duct taped it to my machine head and added the thread. The thread kept getting tangled and breaking so I added the little cap from my Bernina sewing machine. That worked well but eventually, the spool and cap would fall off the meat thermometer. I added a blob of duct tape to the end and now I had the perfect solution to a difficult problem. Yes, it's pretty tacky looking, but it worked.


  1. Oh, Viki I am smiling and chuckling as I am reading this post. Your husband should be proud and I'll bet your father is smiling at you from heaven. You go girl!! Blessings.

  2. Well, I give you 10/10 for effort and ingenuity.....guess your DH will now be making you a 'super duper spool holder' now then?

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. It's wonderful!! I love being able to improvise solutions to things from "found" objects around the house.