Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Joan's Pigs

Well, this one was quite the challenge. I'm a shoot from the hip kind of quilter, almost never having a plan when I put the quilt on the machine. For 10 years this has worked perfectly for me, until this week. This quilt was full of surprises. It turns out the sashings are all different sizes. When I was whipping around a picture, I came to a halt when I discovered three sides were one size and the others was half that size. I had to come up with a design that worked well together. These kinds of surprised happened all over the quilt. Sometimes it left me scratching my head and I had to take a break to think about it. It's now done and all in all it was pretty fun to do. Perhaps next time I get ready to do a quilt, I'll lay it out and look carefully at it first. (actually, probably not)

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