Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Yarn, New Project

I ordered this yarn about 2 months ago and it finally came it. It is Handmaiden Lady Godiva and is 50% silk and 50% wool. I'm making Jemma, a little summer top. I have a little over a week before my new Loopy Ewe challenge and I thought I just might be able to fit this in. I need summer tops so badly. It is knitting up a little darker than I thought. In the skein, it was more pastel but it will go well with khakis and jeans. The pattern is also a little difficult to follow. I have been lucky and all the patterns I have used so are are very detailed, great for a beginner. This one doesn't tell you the number of stitches you should have on the needles anywhere. It tells you the number before the first marker, but never total number. That scares me spotless. I need to know if I'm on track throughout the project. I guess we'll see if I'm lucky or not at the end of the sweater.

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